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Easily check how your content is optimize for SEO, see what others are doing, and get tips to make your content even better.

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Gather SEO advice, generate images, uncover external link suggestions, and generate Meta Description —all from one platform.

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“Thanks to Minodor, I transitioned from being invisible on Google to securing a spot on the first page. It’s an incredible tool.”

Maximilian Pota

“Minodor has been instrumental in boosting our traffic, enhancing our reputation on Google, and facilitating our fundraising of €400,000.””

Adime Amoukon

“I’d been searching for a tool to improve my Google ranking for some time, and then I found Minodor. Thank you.”





Lisa Cohen



All the AI features to quickly rank
first on Google
90 /month
  • unlimited articles
  • Competitors analysis
  • SEO optimization
  • Text editor
  • Get images
  • Get external links
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What is Minodor?

Minodor assists you in achieving higher Google rankings. We evaluate your content, provide an SEO rating for each segment, and offer guidance on enhancing your SEO.

Is Minodor free?

You can optimize a single article with Minodor without providing your credit card details. For unlimited SEO article optimizations, we offer a 5-day free trial. After the trial, the cost is just €19.90 per month.

Who owns the generated content?

You do. All content created in your account, including text, images, audio, and videos, remains your property. You’re free to use it for both personal and commercial purposes. Minodor has no ownership over the content in your account.

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