6 Best AI Image Generator to Use in 2023

In the ever-evolving digital world, the demand for high-quality images has skyrocketed. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a content creator, or simply someone who enjoys dabbling in digital artistry, finding the perfect image can be a daunting task. But what if you could generate your own unique images with just a few clicks? Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), this is now possible.

In this article, we will dive into the world of AI image generators, exploring six of the best options available today. These innovative tools are transforming the way we create and perceive digital imagery, making it easier than ever to produce stunning visuals for any project.

How Does an AI Image Generators work?

AI image generators operate by taking a text prompt as an input and generate a corresponding image. This ability has paved the way for limitless creative possibilities, as the prompts can vary from ‘an oil painting of a mountain with sunset‘ to ‘an artwork in the style of Picasso showing a fish enjoying a glass of wine in Paris‘, or even ‘a street art showing Mona Lisa in a New York building“.

To be honest, the only constraints are your creativity, the AI’s comprehension of the prompts, and the content filters which prevent the spread of inappropriate AI-generated content or any form of virtual violence.

The functioning of most AI image generators is quite alike. They all utilise billions of image-text pairings to train a neural network, which is an advanced computer algorithm inspired by the human brain, to recognize different entities. By processing numerous images, it can identify various objects, like dogs, trees, etc.

How will I evaluate the AI image generator?

I choose to evaluate this app according to 3 criterias.

Easy to use: Is it difficult to use this tool

Image quality: Is the image quality great and match my prompt

I will generate two images with each tool and evaluate the quality

The two prompt will be

– “a panting in the style of Picasso showing a bear enjoying a glass of wine in Paris

– “an oil painting of a mountain with sunset

Most of the tool generate 2/4 images, I will try to pick the best one according to me.

Most of the AI image generator allows users to choose a style, I will select no style whenever I can.

Pricing: Is it affordable to generate an image

How do I choose the AI image generator?

I search on Google “AI Image Generator” and I pick the first 6 tool in this list.

But I live in France so my request on Google can be influence by this criteria.

  1. Canva
  2. Fotor
  3. Hotspot.ai
  4. DeepAI
  5. picsart
  6. Dallee2


Canva is a popular online graphic design tool that allows users to create stunning visuals with ease and efficiency. It’s a user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of customizable templates for different purposes such as social media posts, presentations, posters, and more.

Canva also provides a vast library of fonts, images, and illustrations to help you create unique designs. Whether you’re a professional designer or a beginner, Canva’s intuitive interface and diverse features make it an excellent choice for all your design needs.

Easy to use 3/5

It’s quite difficult to use canva for generating an image because Canva as so many feature so difficult to find the one to generate an image.

Once finding the right “feature generate image” is quite easy I just have to

  • Create an account
  • Select a format of my design example “instagram post”
  • Write a prompt
  • Select a style
  • Choose between 4 images.
  • Modify the image selected (resize, add text etc.)


Time to generate image quite fast approxiamatively 10 seconds per generation for 4 images.


Available in multiple language French, English, etc.


Image quality 3.5/5

The image quality for was way better without using any style so I don’t recommend to use it.

I have no feature to choose or option to choose that’s nice bu also a bit limited.

When I generate 4 images some where out of context by example for my first prompt, I have a panting of a bear with meatball in picasso style.

Beautiful but I don’t really recognize that it’s an oil painting

Pricing 3.5/5

I have 50 credits for generating images after I have to upgrade my plan to Canva Pro

Canva Pro allows 500 credits per month with 30 days free trial

Monthly cost: 11.99€ per month

Yearly cost: 109.99€ (9.16€ per month)


Fotor is an online photo editing platform that provides a variety of editing and design tools for users.  Fotor enables users to edit, enhance, and create images online.


  • Basic Editing Tools: Crop, resize, retouch portraits, sharpen images.
  • AI Tools: Automatic enhancement, background remover, object removal, text to image.
  • Batch Editing: Edit multiple photos simultaneously.
  • Effects & Filters: Black and white, vintage, blur background, cartoon, sketch, anime, watercolor, etc.
  • Design Tools: Text addition with various fonts, photos, icons, graphics, and media elements.
  • Collage Maker: Offers collage templates for various occasions. Users can combine images for visual stories.

Easy of use 4/5

It’s stray forward to use Fotor

  • Create an account
  • Insert your prompt
  • Choose a style if needed


Very fast to produce an image less than 10 seconds.


Only english


  • the style of the image (photography, concept car, etc.)
  • The ratio of the image (1:1, 4:3 etc.)
  • Generate Image from text or from image very interesting features

Image quality 2.5/5

Fotor display

Beautiful colors and I recognize it’s an oil painting

Pricing 3/5

I have only 3 credits for generating images after I have to pay

Only 100 credits per month with the paid plan


7.49€ per month

33.99€ per year (2.83€ per month)


What is DeepAI?

DeepAI is a platform that offers a collection of tools which harness artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster creative endeavors.

Main Features:

  1. AI Image Generator: Users can give textual prompts, and the AI will generate images based on those prompts. An example is generating an image of a “humanoid-robot with big eyes, cyberpunk style, with pastel colors.”
  2. AI Image Editor: This tool allows users to make edits to images using text commands, such as “Make them blonde,” or “add a volcano to the background.”
  3. AI Characters: Users have the opportunity to engage in chats with AI-generated representations of historical, TV, and anime characters.
  4. AI Search: An AI-powered search function to explore and discover AI-created images from the community.
  5. Community Art Feed: A space where users can explore artworks and creations generated by the community using the platform’s tools.

Easy of use 4.5/5

It’s stray forward to use DeppAI

  • Insert your prompt
  • Choose a style


Very fast to produce an image less than 10 seconds.


Only english


  • the style of the image (photography, concept car, etc.)
  • The Shape of the image (1:1, 4:3 etc.)
  • The model (Standard or HD)

Image quality 2/5

I can’t select “no style” so I have to use one

I recognize the Picasso style but that the only things

Pricing 5/5

Free and you don’t need to create an account you just have to pay

You can pay if you want to use specific style or improve the quality of the product


Hotpot.ai is a platform that offers a wide range of AI-powered tools and templates for graphic design, image enhancement, and writing :


  • AI Art Generator: Produces art from text descriptions, also catering to the NFT art creation trend.
  • AI Headshot Generator: Allows users to create headshots and reimagine themselves in various styles and scenarios.
  • AI Image Tools: Features like photo upscaling, background removal, object removal, photo restoration, colorizing black & white photos, enhancing faces, and personalizing art with AI.
  • AI Writing: Uses AI to assist with writing tasks, including generating stories, product descriptions, ads, taglines, and product names.

Easy of use 4.5/5

You don’t need to create an account.

Just insert your prompt and choose style

You can choose

  • What not to draw
  • Style
  • Image to make
  • Aspect Ratio
  • The number of images to create for the same prompt.

Image quality 4/5

I choose the style “custom” for no style

I can just generate one with the free plan so I pick the one I generate

I recognize the picasso style, the glass of wine and the bear.

Strange representation of the glass of wine that old the bear.

I distinguish the moutain and sunset good quality

Pricing 4.5

You can use the product for free.

But your require the premium plan for commercial use, private images, larger sizes, nos ads.

You can pay credit once, monthly or yearly

The monthly plan start at 10€ for 100 credits


Picsart is a platform or tool that empowers creators to edit photos and videos. It uses artificial intelligence to enhance its editing capabilities.


  • Editing tools: Include templates, adjusting brightness, upscale, photo editing, text editing, background remover, stickers, removing objects, collage maker, and effects.
  • AI tools: Generate image from prompt
  • Batch Editor: Probably allows editing of multiple files or images at once.
  • Design: Allows users to create designs for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. It provides options for designing banners, posters, flyers, and other types of media.

Easy of use 4

You need to create an account

I can choose the what your design is for, I choose instagram profile picture for this example.

There are many tools I choose “generate image AI” you can choose another tool just for “logo” for examples.

I just have to describe my image, choose the style if I want and that’s it the image is generated.

It’s very easy to resize the image or customize it.

Image quality 3.5

I choose no theme. after I choose the best between 4 images generated.

I recognize the mountain & the sunset but it doesn’t look like an oil painting

I recognize picasso style, the bear and the glass of wine not really Paris.


I could generate images for free

7 days free trial

After one yearly plan at 40€ / year

One monthly plan at 9€


DALL-E2 is a successor to OpenAI’s original DALL·E model. DALL·E was designed to generate images from textual descriptions.


  • Image generation: It can create new images based on the provided description.
  • Outpainting: The ability to extend images beyond their original boundaries, akin to “completing” an image.
  • Inpainting: The ability to fill in missing or obscured parts of an image with plausible content.
  • Variations: It can likely generate different variations of an image based on the same or slightly modified descriptions.

Easy of use

Need to create an account.

Just need write a prompt.

It’s nice to see examples of others picture generate and the prompt used to generate this image

Image quality 2 / 5

I recognize Paris, the bar & the glass of wine but I don’t see the picasso style in this painting